Postcode: 6150  |  Distance to CBD: 16km  |  Established: 1976


Winthrop is a southern suburb located within the City of Melville.

Winthrop was originally a pine tree plantation owned by the University of Western Australia. The first blocks were sold in the early 1980s. After the first residents moved in, more blocks were sold off in a number of phases. Shortly after the first residents, a convenience store opened for business, which now includes a Post office, IGA store and a florist. Soon the Winthrop Primary school and Winthrop village shopping centre were opened. Blocks were so sought after that many people resorted to sleeping near the sales office for up to a week just to secure a position.

The name is most likely derived from that of the first Chancellor of the University of Western Australia, Sir John Winthrop Hackett. There are very few reminders of Winthrop's past as a pine plantation, with scattered remnants of pine trees being the only indication.

Winthrop is bordered by 3 major roads: Leach Highway to the north, Murdoch Drive to the east, North Lake Road to the west and Somerville Boulevard to the south, which connects North Lake Road to Murdoch Drive.

The main local neighbourhood distributors are: Winthrop Drive, dividing the east and west of Winthrop, and Jackson Avenue, which passes both Winthrop Primary School and the Winthrop Village Shopping Centre. Winthrop Village Shopping Centre has been labeled Western Australia's 'Best Value Supermarket' by Today Tonight. Other minor tier roads include 'Hatherley Parade', 'Aitken Drive' and 'Ten Seldam Circle.'

There are numerous bus routes serving Winthrop. These are:
503 (Bull Creek - Murdoch)
504 (Bull Creek - Murdoch)
511 (Murdoch - Fremantle)
940 (Hamilton Hill - Wellington Bus Station)

The closest train stations are Bull Creek and Murdoch, both situated 1.2 km east of Winthrop. Fremantle Train Station is located approximately 9 km to the west.

The primary schools in or around Winthrop are Winthrop Primary School, Booragoon Primary School, Caralee Community School, Kardinya Primary School and Yidarra Primary School. Nearby secondary schools include Applecross Senior High School, Corpus Christi College, Melville Senior High School, Murdoch College, Winthrop Baptist College and Somerville Baptist College. Nearby tertiary institutions include Murdoch University, Murdoch Institute of Technology, and Challenger Tafe.

Winthrop has many parks, with the central area of the suburb containing "Winthrop Park" (pictured looking ESE over above). It is bordered by pine trees.  There are few areas left of the original pine plantation, the largest of which is located near Winthrop Park.  To the north-east of Winthrop there is the Piney Lakes Reserve. There are a number of trails through it and a guided footpath. The Piney Lakes conservation centre hosts school visits, and aims to maintain the natural ecosystem in the area.

The Piney Lakes Nature Reserve is home to a number of native birds including Willie Wagtails, Warblers and Cockatoos. Southern Brown Bandicoots were last spotted in the Reserve in 1995, but it is doubtful they still inhabit the area.  A natural wetlands houses many native flora and fauna and is open to the public.

Local Schools

Winthrop P.S.

Winthrop Baptist College



Other Nearby Schools

Corpus Christi College (Bateman)

Yidarra Catholic Primary School (Bateman)

All Saints College (Bull Creek)




Winthrop Shopping Centre




Bus service to Bullcreek Train Station


Train Stations

Bull Creek






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