Postcode: 6050  |  Location: 4 km NE of Perth


Mount Lawley is a suburb of Perth. Most of the suburb lies within the Local Government Area of the City of Stirling and small portions are in the Town of Vincent and City of Bayswater. In 2006, the Town of Vincent applied to the Local Government Advisory Board to absorb all of Mount Lawley into its boundaries but this was ultimately rejected.


Mount Lawley was named in honour of Sir Arthur Lawley, the Governor of Western Australia from May 1901 to August 1902. His wife, Lady Annie Lawley, agreed to the naming of what was then bushland in her husband's name on the condition that no licensed hotels be built in the suburb.  The south-eastern corner borders the Swan River, the southern boundary stretches through to Hyde Park, and the west and northern boundaries are Fitzgerald Street and Central Avenue.



Although it is reducing, Mount Lawley still has a fair number of properties with quarter acre blocks (1,011 m) which was the common subdivision size for most of the suburb's existence. This has been maintained by strict zoning regulations imposed by the City of Stirling in which a special "Mount Lawley Heritage Protection Area" management plan has been implemented. The plan sets much of the suburb as R-20 Zoning and defines permissible building standards such as set-backs and boundary easements. The Heritage Protection Area plan was developed in recognition of the large stock of original "Federation", Art Deco and Californian Bungalow homes which have been generally well maintained or restored. The 'Mount Lawley Society' actively lobbies the council and residents to maintain and enforce the standards.


There is a historical ambience to many streets although contemporary homes and multi-dwelling subdivisions such as units are becoming more common.



Although primarily residential, the suburb has a diverse range of shopping facilities, cafes and restaurants situated mainly along Beaufort Street close to the Walcott Street intersection. There are two primary schools, two secondary schools, adult education facilities as well as private hospitals and aged care facilities.


Sporting facilities and lifestyle attractions for residents include a trendy cafe strip centred on Beaufort and Walcott Streets; a well known video/DVD hire and sale outlet (Planet Video); the Astor Cinema which shows a mixture of box-office hits and art house/feature films. The Mount Lawley Bowling Club is the only sporting club with permanent premises in the suburb.


Road infrastructure

The majority of the Mount Lawley road network is laid out in the regular grid pattern, which was the popular method at the time of subdivision. There is a small area east of Beaufort Street, which has more curved streets that follow the contour of the land.


The main collector roads in Mount Lawley are Beaufort Street running North-South, leading into Morley in the north, and heading directly towards Perth city in the south. Walcott Street is another collector road, running East-West dissecting Mount Lawley and North Perth, leading commuters towards a main arterial, Wanneroo Road. Guildford Road and Railway Parade are two important arterial roads that provide service to the Graham Farmer Freeway, Tonkin Highway and the Great Eastern Highway. They run South-West - North-East, and terminate in East Perth in the south, while providing a service to Midland and Guildford in the north. There are limited public toilets and a very limited amount of public spaces. Thoroughly saturated with commercialism this is a place of folly admired momentarily as relief from domestic and commercial ventures.


Local Schools

Mt Lawley P.S.

Perth College

Mt Lawley S.H.S.

Mt Lawley TAFE

Edith Cowan University

Saint Paul's Primary School



Other Nearby Schools

St Columba's School (Bayswater)

Trinity College (East Perth)

Sacred Heart Primary School (Highgate)

Aranmore (Leederville)




Beaufort Street




Mount Lawley is well positioned to take advantage of public transit in Perth. The Mount Lawley train station is situated to the east of the suburb, and provides access to Midland in the north and then Perth in the south. There are also a number of bus routes which service the area.  Approximately 13% of Mount Lawley residents use public transport to travel to work.


Train Stations

Mt Lawley






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