Postcode: 6153  |  Location: 7 km from Perth  |  Established: 1896 


Applecross is an affluent riverside suburb of Perth, bounded by Canning Highway and the Swan River.  Like the name Perth, the suburb of Applecross borrows its name from a small fishing village on the North west coast of Scotland. Many of the streets in the suburb have Scottish names. 


Applecross was originally part of Swan Location 61 assigned to Lionel Lukin on the 28th May 1830. The land was finally acquired by Sir Alexander Percival Matheson in February 1896. Matheson, a Scot, formed the Western Australian Investment Company Limited and instigated the subdivision of the area, giving it the name of Applecross. A distinguishing feature of the suburb are the jacaranda trees which line its streets and which flower in the late spring. In keeping with this theme, Applecross is home to an annual Jacaranda festival in late November.


A number of well known landmarks and facilities are in Applecross. These include


Raffles Hotel and apartments at Coffee Point

South of Perth Yacht Club

Former Heathcote Hospital - used for mental health services from 1929 to 1994. Now used as a community recreation facility. The site also features a memorial to the actor Heath Ledger. Point Heathcote was named after Midshipman G.C. Heathcote. Captain James Stirling landed at the location in his 1827 expedition up the Swan River, and the site was seriously considered by Stirling as an alternative to the Perth site when establishing the Swan River Colony in 1829.

Former Majestic Hotel site - colonial style hotel on Point Dundas, near Ardross, built ?. Originally called Hotel Melville and renamed to Majestic Hotel in 1925. Demolished and site used for residential subdivision in about 1990.

Waylen Bay

Canning Bridge

Canning Bridge railway station and Canning Bridge bus station


Notable residents


Glen Jakovich, former West Coast Eagles footballer

Heath Ledger, actor.


Local Schools

Applecross P.S.

Applecross S.H.S.

Saint Benedict's School

Conon Road Kindergarten



Other Nearby Schools

Santa Maria College (Attadale)

Mel Maria Catholic P.S. (Attadale)




Garden City




Bus Service to rail stations or Esplanade Bus Port



Train Stations

Canning Bridge

Bull Creek






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